Qatar World Cup 2022 Promotions Are Commended to the Global GAIA and INFLOW Network Partnership

As the GAIA & INFLOW Network partnership, we have succeeded in winning the Social Media Tendership executed by Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) which is the responsible organization committee of the upcoming World Cup 2022. As a part of the partnership with the Committee, we will be responsible for digital communication and marketing activities in a total of 22 Arabic Speaking countries, such as, North Africa, Middle East, and the GCC Regions.

While supporting the organization committee for many services such as content operations, creative integration, influencer marketing, digital advertising, and sustainable stakeholder communication; we’ve also assigned a full time embedded team in the headquarter office in Doha. As this collaboration between GAIA & INFLOW partnership and SC is remarkable for supporting Qatar’s national goals and a to leave a permanent heritage for Qatar through this worldwide event; agency’s previous successful projects in the region strongly contributed to this process.

As a part of the promotional activities, we will cooperate with other official international agencies and engage in sustainable promotional activities to strengthen the organization’s global power. As GAIA & INFLOW Network partnership, we share the same global network with the top tier agencies in sports and football industries by being the core curator of the communication operations in 22 markets including the hosting country, Qatar.

We are honored and proud to represent the organization committee and our global position on the road to 2022 where we’ll share our agency’s capabilities and creative force with the whole world as a part of this international organization.




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A planet of interesting ideas.

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